’Africanon & Dance’ by Kevin Taylor. This is one of our latest additions (2005) to our ensemble repertoire. It is in five parts and was recorded by seven kids: Dylan Clement (15), Catie Hungerford (17), Kevin Mullin (15), Mikaela Thomas (17), Ryan Voldstad (13), Eliot Wilde (13).

Africanon & Dance

Here are some tunes from our beginning literacy ensemble repertoire, played by the Childbloom Select Guitar Choir at the 2000 Guitar Foundation of America’s International Festival.

Goat Dance


These are tunes from our intermediate ensemble curriculum, played by the Childbloom Select Guitar Choir at the 2000 Guitar Foundation of America’s International Festival.


Quatro Milpas

These are two pieces from a Childbloom student ensemble CD called ”Tunes For Christmas” (available from the Childbloom Co.). These arrangements and this MP3 file are used by kind permission of Plucked String, Inc., Box 2770, Kensington, MD 20891.

Coventry Carol

Angels We Have Heard on High

This was an encore piece at the GFA festival performance – a favorite of all who learn it.

You can hear and see more Childbloom Students play by clicking here.

Music Education That Can Change Your Child’s Life.

The Childbloom Guitar program is a comprehensive musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and up. Yes, we teach children how to play guitar. But we also teach them also how to understand the art of music. We train the brain. As the student matures, the Childbloom student will eventually be able to access many styles of guitar playing: classical, folk, rock, jazz, & mariachi.

Our students will learn to read music. With our materials every child can learn to be a literate guitarist. This will put him or her among an elite group of guitar-players (but we won’t tell).

The Childbloom Guitar Method is currently being used by educators throughout the nation and is the largest program of its kind in the United States. If its children’s guitar lessons you are looking for, Childbloom’s guitar lessons for kids are the best in the Central Kentucky area!



Voluntary Performances

Learning to perform with poise and determination is a great thing for a child.  The Childbloom Guitar Program seeks to provide performance opportunities for all ages and levels of kids. All performances are voluntary! We have recitals, contests, camps, showcase performances, open mics, performance groups, videos and concerts. We can even support the student who wishes to pursue the intense world of youth music competitions.  Although some of the most awarded youth players in the country have learned from our teachers, our emphasis is on growing happy kids who have a meaningful musical skill for a lifetime.

Below is a group playing an old Mexican folk song.


Here is another group of kids trying to be serious for a few minutes while they play the American folk tune, ”Shenendoah.”


Each instructor is also trained in the physiology of the hand. This ensures each teacher will recognize a natural use of hand, and may prevent problems associated with incorrect playing positions. And, wow! Will your child be able to play!



Many of the Childbloom Guitar Programs involve their students in performance groups that regularly play in the community. Childbloom groups throughout the country regularly perform for hospitals, retirement centers, schools, libraries and offices. Wouldn’t you like your children to make this valuable outreach part of their lives? This is part of the Childbloom spirit. Come join us!